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Our purpose is to explore the unprecedented opportunities for civil action that global trends are creating at the dawn of a new millennium. Globalization generates shifting patterns of poverty and insecurity both within and between countries that call for new and international responses. As actors in an emerging global civil society, NGOs can help to create a countervailing force to the processes that exploit and exclude people by re-distributing assets and opportunities, injecting social values into marketing process and holding economic institutions to account for their actions. This represents the cutting edge of much NGO work today. As foreign aids declines, new forms of international co-operation are emerging to meet the realities of this changing world with focus on rules and standards rather than subsidized resource transfers. In this context, the key question is whether the regime of future will benefit poor people and poor countries. NGOs have an important role to play in ensuring that this happens by building strong domestic constituencies for international co-operation forging transnational alliances that represent poor people’s interest